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Excited about resume and career!Giving you a distinct advantage in the job market through quality documents, I’ve accomplished this for thousands of individuals and know I can do it for you.  Resume writing is career marketing!  I’ll direct the success of your career through unique writing and cutting edge applications.  Everyone has the “key” to their own success… are you using yours?

Being the 1st person in the Greater Kansas City to be nationally certified as a professional resume writer by the Professional Association of Résumé Writers, and 6th in the nation to receive certification as a master resume writer from the Career Masters Institute designates I have exceeded the industry standards and have mastered the craft of resume preparation, using the most current information and techniques.  My support is pledged in terms of quality, knowledge and availability. “Presentation is Everything” and when you can’t find the perfect words … you’ll find that I am eager to assist you in gaining a competitive edge in the market place and prepared to provide very special attention.

Resumes are created to provide you with the opportunity to make a positive first impression, a personal statement about yourself, and to secure an interview.  My style and unique formats are designed to pass the “60 Seconds” test and develop the interest of the hiring executive!  I develop a strong presentation of skills and experience which describes the credibility of your objective.  I specialize in formulating areas of demonstrated effectiveness and highlighting achievements, recognitions, and promotions.  “Individual” is a key word because each one of us is different and needs to be presented with a different set of attributes which we acquire throughout our working lives.

Find out how to do a successful job search through proven strategies!

I am available to help map out your personal marketing campaign with suggestions on developing job leads, obtaining interviews, marketing your qualifications, initiating proper follow-up activities, selling yourself, and negotiating salary.

I have been nationally published in over 11 resume and cover letter publications.  Our service was nominated for the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce  “Small Business of the Year” award and the “Circle of Excellence” award sponsored by the University of Missouri Extension and the Home Based Business Connection.

Please visit my web site, GinaTaylor.com for more information.  If you would like to know more about resume services, or have career related questions, please call me.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

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